Recognising Our Women-led Brands | The Nowhere Nation

Recognising Our Women-led Brands | The Nowhere Nation

We've said it before and we'll say it again - we are so beyond proud to have so many wonderful women-led brands here at The Nowhere Nation from all parts of the world! Even though every day is a celebration of women at The Nowhere Nation, with today being International Women's Day we wanted to celebrate and shine a spotlight on the work of these amazing women designers and leaders.

Kat Maconie - Kat Maconie 

Kat Maconie has been able to carve out a special place in the footwear market for herself and her namesake brand, Kat Maconie over the last decade. Known for her quirky, colourful and bold designs, her and her team are able to bring a sense of fun and escape to everyday. She has been recognised as a two-time winner of Drapers Shoe Designer of the Year and her styles have been worn by celebrities including Taylor Swift!



Celine Thomas - Mi/Mai

Celine's philosophy for the brand, that she started in 2009, has always been about putting the women who wear her shoes first. Her French sensibility and eye for detail means she is always finding to effortlessly blend style (that Parisian Chic look) with comfort and wearability. She says “My shoes are designed by a girl who works, runs (after the bus, men, time…), gets angry, enthusiastic, in short, changes her personality several times a day. Exactly like the women I speak to. My shoes adapt to us: they are made so that we really live in them. They support, they do not coerce. They are versatile, sexy, comfortable, elegant but cool, full of personality but not snobbish..." 



Rei Yoon Hongmi - Reike Nen

Hailing from South Korea and launching Reike Nen in 2010, Rei Yoon has built a brand that has a distinct voice and story. Each pair is handmade in Seoul and the brand chooses to explore and create new concepts every season. These  draw inspiration from almost anything and are conveyed through not only Reike Nen's shoes, but also art in other forms (like drawing or film). She says that while the concepts change from season to season, the balance between lines and curves, simplicity and craft - are things she strives to keep consistent.  This is evident in the unusual toe and heel shapes as well as the unique metalwork.



María Jesús Muñoz Gozalvo - Lola Cruz

Lola Cruz was founded in Spain in 2004, by Maria Jesús Gozalvo, a creative who inherited from her father's passion for shoes. Maria creates the perfect footwear for today's woman's day-to-day life - walking around the city, dancing at the fashion club or for a work meeting. She says "A pair of shoes never leaves our atelier without having tried them on first" Lola Cruz shoes are ones that inspire authenticity, evolution, freedom and femininity, with craftsmanship still being key too.



Monti G. Benavides - Mint&Rose

Mint&Rose was born in 2012 and Monti knew that she wanted the brand to embrace and exude a Mediterranean state of mind. Choosing to craft everything in Spain, the brand employes Spanish artisans who use  techniques and practices that have been used for centuries. Their focus on high quality materials and timeless designs with a twist, mean that Monti has been able to ensure the success of Mint&Rose so far. 


Esperança Vitória - Victoria Handmade (available in store only)

Victoria Handmade is a Portuguese brand begun by Esperança in 2014 that handcrafts beautiful, sustainable baskets that are steeped in tradition and heritage. Handcrafted, woven baskets as an artform had been in Esperança's family for generations and she decided after leaving a 14 year long job, to honour her family heritage and craft and start Victoria Handmade. Everything is done in house and the pieces from the primary processes (cutting and the catch of reed) to the weaving and sewing, can take up to 8 hours to produce a single product. In loving memory of her mother and determined to continue to share and uplift the heritage art of Portuguese reed baskets, Esperança now works with her sister and daughter in the business too.


Danielle Louise - Atiana

Creator and designer, Danielle Louise, originally from Sydney, Australia, believes that ‘there is a perfect shoe for every occasion’. Launching the brand in 2014, she has built one that has a effortless attitude and each of her pieces combines architectural features with unique shapes and quality materials. Her latest collections explore personal style in a new way with interchangeable straps - giving the wearer a chance to make a statement in their own way. With Dani sharing her time between Australia, USA and UK and crafting her shoes in Portugal and Italy- it's easy to see the global influence in her styles. 

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