i=Change: Look Good, Do Good


"At the centre of this brand are the people. People who hail from different all parts of the globe. From the designers to the artisans to the PR reps and our clients themselves, knowing that we are all somehow connected by The Nowhere Nation is a pretty amazing thought. When we think of this a metaphor for the greater world around us, it demonstrates how we as human beings are all connected. 

It was my ultimate goal to find a way to shift the experience of shopping into an act of kindness. When we are in such a great position to make an impact on other's lives, we have to take advantage of it.

Integrating the i=Change platform means we are donating to 3 causes that empower and assist women and children improve their circumstances.

Dress For Success Sydney - support and guidance to get women back into the workforce and becoming financially independent. 
Future Projects - which helps to rehabilitate/reintegrate girls rescued from trafficking in Cambodia 
Womens Community Shelters -emergency crisis accommodation for women who are homeless or escaping domestic violence.

Plus you get to track the direct impact of your donation which is really cool.

Thank you for choosing to shop with The Nowhere Nation and making a difference in someone else's life. 

Nikki Holloway - Founder