Continuing our DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT series - today we are chatting all things Kat Maconie! If watching/listening is your jam - click on our youtube video below or scroll down to continue reading.

Let's start with a little history...

Kat Maconie is a London based designer and founded her brand 10 years ago. She is known for her signature heels, hardware detailing and bold, playful aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of fashion footwear. Born out of London, all her pieces reflect the city's eclectic spirit. We love her directional, forward-thinking designs that are serious pieces of artwork, sure to take any outfit to that next level!

Now onto our top 5 reasons why we love Kat Maconie...

  1.  Maximalist Designs

    Fun fun fun! That's the first word we think of when it comes ot Kat Maconie. She is all about being maximalist in her designs but in an extremely chic and wearable way. We love that she creates pieces that are over the top in the best way possible and always bring a smile to your face.

  2. Her signature FRAME heel

    Her instantly recognisable framed heels have become synonymous with the Kat Maconie brand. Each season she utilizes different heel shapes that add to the architectural designs. We love how she really uses every part of the shoe as a way to make a statement!

  3. The use of colour and textures

    Experimenting with interesting colour combos and textural embellishments and fabrics is one of our favorite reasons! We are firm believers in being more experimental with colour and patterns in your footwear, especially since you are not covering your entire body in it we think you can get away with being a little bit more daring. Kat Maconie excels in her use of colour to put some fun back in your footwear.

  4. Designed by women for women

    We find that you can really feel the difference when you step into a shoe that has been thought out by someone who has actually worn a pair of heels! The comfort, the strap placements, the heel heights all of that really feel thought out. Plus its amazing as a women-led company ourselves to be able to support other women-led companies.

  5. Comfort

    Being known for her stunning heels, Kat Maconie really thinks about the person who is wearing her shoes. Her use of a more blocked heel will give you greater stability and comfort. Plus pair this with insole cushioning and you've got shoes that look gorgeous but will not leave your foot sore!

Explore full KAT MACONIE collection here


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