LOOK WE LOVE: Metal detailing

LOOK WE LOVE: Metal detailing

Now that the cool weather has set in and we are all starting to get our minds around the new season's wardrobe, we wanted to talk about one of the easiest ways to add a touch of glamour and edge to your outfits without much effort -  black/metal detail accessories!

Accessories with metal detailing such as exposed zippers, studs or buckles are a great way to lift an outfit. Think about when you add a beautiful leather motorcycle jacket, shoes can create the same look and feel. These kinds of details scream edgy, cool-girl, and when paired with a simpler outfit such as jeans/t-shirt/chunky knit, they really create an eye-catching focal point. 


Silver detailing is synonymous with a slightly grungier aesthetic (due to its beginning in motorcycle fashion from about the 1950s and part in rock n roll culture since the 1960s) so this combo is great for mixing with slightly more feminine pieces to give them a little more edge like a floral dress or silk skirt. 

If you are opting for gold, this will give you a slightly more dressy and polished look as traditionally gold is associated with wealth, grandeur as well as glitz, and glamour. 

Of course, there are many elements to each shoe or handbag such as style, shape, toe shape, and heel height that all contribute to the overall look so its important to not get too hung up on the specific metal colour. Plus, mixing metals has also become really popular in the last few years, so wearing silver and gold in one outfit is a really fun way to keep your outfit looking modern!


Again it depends on what kind of vibe you are looking to create with your black/metal accessories when thinking about texture. 

- If you are looking for a great all-rounder

A flat, smooth leather option is a great idea. The longevity of the leather is great, you can easily dress it up or down and silver or gold detailing will give a similar look. 

Mi/Mai    //   PETRA IV   //    Black 

Reike Nen    //   RING   //    Black leather  

- If you are looking for something more casual and relaxed:

A textured or pebbled leather is a great alternative as it gives a more worn-in feel. This is perfect for every day and can lend itself well to casual boots, sneakers or flats.

Billi Bi    //   8619   //    Black leather  

Billi Bi    //   3531   //    Black leather 

- If you are looking for something dressy:

A lush velvet or beautiful suede is a great choice for something dressier. Mostly because the fibre structure of these fabrics allow for the black dye to look darker and richer, therefore contrasting with silver or gold detailing amazingly well.

Reike Nen    //   TURNOVER DOT   //    Black suede 

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