Introducing: The Well Heeled

Introducing: The Well Heeled

Okay, so although most of our shoes are pretty darn comfortable (if we do say so ourselves) we know that sometimes you just need a little bit more support. 

Enter The Well Heeled (TWH), the newest brand to grace the shelves of The Nowhere Nation! We have been searching for some time now, to find an innovative shoe care system that could help provide our clients that extra comfort and improve our shoes fit. So when we were introduced to TWH, we knew it was exactly what we had been looking for. 

TWH was founded in 2016 by Australian Podiatrists Elouise Carmichael and Ele Lentakis and not only do they both share an appreciation of footwear, but they have over 30 years in combined clinical podiatry experience.

As well as that, they are women themselves. They know the kinds of things we put ourselves through for a fabulous pair of shoes - whether it be a higher heel than we are used to or a little bit of slipping in the heel because we absolutely NEED these shoes in our lives! They've been there, they've done that and now they've also done the research so that they can deliver products that solve some of the biggest shoe issues - comfort, fit and ultimately wearability!

Sometimes, its easy to get caught up in finding shoes that fit absolutely perfectly (which does happen!), but we just want you to know that, just like you sometimes take a new jacket or pair of pants to the tailors to have it fitted properly to your body, footwear can be the same. 

Just like you may take a new jacket or pair of pants to the tailors to have it fitted and altered properly for your body, footwear sometimes needs tweaking too. If you are someone who has a narrow heel, for instance, there are going to be many circumstances where the heel may slip but everything else fits perfectly. So instead of giving up the shoe completely, looking into a podiatrist-designed insert can save you more hours hunting for that elusive "perfect" shoe! 

Let's take a deeper look at TWH products and the science behind them.

A1 - The original High Heel Corrector

This is TWH signature product and is "the new generation forefoot pad that effectively relieves burning and discomfort, so you can wear your heels for longer."

This foot pad, incorporating 20+ years of clinical experience,and in-depth research, has been deisgned with foot antamony and high heel biomachanics in mind, to provide comfort and cushioning where it is actually needed. This is a footpad that uses real science to get real results! 

If you head to the product page, there is a video of how to use A1 or keep reading below as we break it down element by element.

  1. A1 has been designed to prevent excess tightness around the big toe joint while still providing cushioning to the ball of the foot. This is achieved with A1's unique aperture or 'cut-out' feature, located on the inner edge of the pad. Placed in accordance with the instructions provided, this cut-out or gap will sit around the 1st metatarsal or big toe joint. It is crucial that the movement of this joint is not restricted to enable healthy function in most feet both in and out of high heels. Traditionally other forefoot pads have failed to address this necessary biomechanical principle and often create excess tightness, discomfort and even injury to this area, which already tends to be constricted in fashion shoes.
  2. TWH has designed A1 to ensure padding and cushioning is located where it matters. The front edge of A1 is shaped to align with normal metatarsal anatomy. The metatarsals are the long bones in the foot which connect to the toes. The metatarsals in the foot differ in length, and for a forefoot pad to be comfortable it should generally follow their shape (known as the metatarsal parabola). A1's maximum cushioning points are located under the 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads (middle of ball of foot) as this area has been shown to take the most weight during high heel walking.
  3. A1 incorporates a lateral (outside) wing designed to take into account the movement that typically occurs in the foot when wearing a high heeled shoe. Science has proven that the higher the heel the more inverted (rolled out) the foot tends to be, which is why ankle sprains in high heels are common (and arch support isn't always the answer). A1’s long lateral wing is designed to promote stability.
  4. A1 is constructed from polyurethane (PU) gel at a maximum 3mm thickness. The PU gel material used in A1 has been lab tested and is of optimum density to provide maximum cushioning to the ball of the foot. Polyurethane is a highly durable material and is widely used in medial and health devices.
  5. A1 is covered in a faux suede low-friction material to prevent burning and irritation in the area of skin contact (ball of the foot). Typical forefoot pads are made with exposed gel, which tends to create discomfort due to a higher friction component.
  6. A1's adhesive backing is designed to be reusable. By using a damp cloth to clean the underside of the pads the adhesive will be reactivated, enabling you to use it again in other footwear. 

 Points 1-6 quoted from TWH website here.

Shop A1 here 

A2 - The Heel Cup Corrector

The A2 is a great option for any type of shoe where you have fit issues or rubbing in your heel as it has been scientifically designed using the highest quality padding and adhesive materials for long-lasting comfort and improved shoe fit.

The lab tested PORON® padding is unlike others and is firm enough to support your heel but soft enough to feel comfortable. If you are someone who needs to "fill in" some extra space in the heel cup, or someone who is just getting their heel rubbed the wrong way, the A2 is the perfect option.

Plus they are made using 3M superior adhesive technology so you can be confident it will stay in place and last the distance, without damaging your shoes because nothing is worse than them falling off halfway through your day!

Shop A2 here 


We truly believe that it's okay to need a little help to get your shoes to fit and feel absolutely amazing and why not do it with a brand of podiatrist developed and designed inserts! Try them out today and let us know what you think.


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