Designer Spotlight: REIKE NEN

Designer Spotlight: REIKE NEN

We are so passionate about the brands and designers that we stock here at The Nowhere Nation and so we have started this Designer Spotlight series to help give you some additional information about what makes them so special. Today, our focus is on Reike Nen. You can watch Nikki and Mikala talk this all through in the video below, but if reading is more your thing, scroll down and lets get into it!

Let's start with a little history...

Reike Nen was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2010. The brand derived from the designer Yoon Hongmi’s name and stays true to representing fluidity and inclusivity for all people. The brands motto is “contemporary refinement”. This is really seen through their designs where they blend classic silhouettes with new details seamlessly. They excel in perfecting contests between regular and irregular, raw and processed, old and new to create a modern brand with significant nods to classic styles. 

Now onto our Top 5 reasons why we love Reike Nen...

  1. Modern structural designs and shapes

    Reike Nen designs really take classic styles and features and mix them so effortlessly with more architectural and sculptural elements to create some so new and different. So always keep an eye out for their interesting toe and heel shapes! 

  2. Creativity when it comes to use of colour and embellishments 

    As you know we love a fun pop of colour and an interesting texture for our shoes and Reike Nen nails this. The richness and of the burgundies, coppers and olive greens really elevate the simple mid heel boot. They also love to have a statement embellishment such as the ring detail on the back of these boots that create such a stunning and bold look without too much going on. They are boots that look even better from the back! 

  3. COMFORT!!

    Their shoes are seriously so comfy! Inside all their shoes is some latex cushioning under the ball of the foot which in combination with the block heels mean you can walk around for hours without your feet ever hurting. Their snug fits means the boots feel really supportive and the leather lining is super comfortable on your feet. 

  4. Quality materials and handcrafting techniques

    The materials Reike Nen use are of such high quality but are also interesting too. Yeah of course the leathers are super soft and the suedes feel beautiful on but what we really love is that they use such a variety of quality materials. Specifically they love to use velvets and even corduroy! Plus their pieces are all handcrafted in South Korea so you know that the time, effort and detail that has been put into making your shoes is a cut above the rest.

  5. Flattering and thoughtful styles

    They really think about how a shoe is going to look on a foot to be the most flattering possible.Most of their boots styles come up slightly higher on the ankle and are a more snug fit. This is really flattering on pretty much everyone as it works to elongate your legs but also means these boots will look great with long pants and skirts and even shorter dresses.


Explore full REIKE NEN collection here


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