STYLE FOCUS: 4 Shoe Styles With Interchangeable Elements

STYLE FOCUS: 4 Shoe Styles With Interchangeable Elements

We are seeing so many more designs lately with interchangeable elements such as straps, ankle ties and even chain detailing. Our designers are looking into ways of allowing customers more freedom and individuality with their personal style and we couldn't be more excited for where these innovations are going to lead.

With the options available with these styles, the best part is, it means you are really getting 2 shoes for the price of one and I mean, who doesn't want more bang for your buck?!

Keep reading to explore our range of interchangeable styles...


This stunning style has removable ankle ties, allowing you to wear it as a slip on mule or as a mule with ankle tie. The extra fun thing about this style is you can actually tie the ankle tie multiple different ways too, so there is so much freedom to adapt them to your mood, outfit and occasion!

Available in black suede and red suede



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Switch up your heel game with these pumps! Each pair comes with 2 x sets of straps (metallic and snake print) that can be clipped on and off using the hidden poppers on the shoes - cool huh?! We love the concept of wearing the snake print during the day and then quickly changing it up with the metallic for evening. Really takes day-to-night dressing to the next level

Available in off white and terracotta.



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Sometimes you want some bling and sometimes you don't and ATIANA understands that. The newest style from the brand, this boot features removable gold chain detailing. In the same way that you can decide what amount of detail you want with the pumps above, this boot gives you the option to choose!

Available in black leather



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We like big bows and we cannot lie...buuuut sometimes we like to tone it down (slightly). The JOE LOVE sneaker is the perfect style due to the ability to wear it with the big, satin bow, or without as a slip on sneaker. We have even had crafty clients who have created their own ribbon bows in other colours such as red or pink, or used regular shoe laces for something different again! So many options, so little time!


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