Practical Luxury: Stay at home in style

Working from home, staying at home - we know it's been a real period of adjustment for everyone.

Our routines are all over the place and that means so is our dressing. Hands up who has spent a few full days in pajamas (... guilty!) So even though, we may not have as many occasions to "dress up" for, we wanted to inspire you with some ways to keep yourself feeling and looking good while still feeling comfy and cozy. Our motto is fast becoming - practical luxury. 

Tip #1 - Opt for sneakers 

Sneakers have been top of the shoe world for many years now, and they are the perfect shoe to be reaching for at this time. Throw them on with just about anything in your wardrobe from tracksuit pants, shorts and activewear to dresses and skirts. They are completely trans-seasonal and will keep your feet happy too!

Try these: 

Tip #2 - Look for details 

Details such as embellishments, unique textures or materials, statement colours or shapes help to elevate a classic everyday style like a sneaker to the next level - hence our motto; practical luxury! The little bit of design detail in the shoe means you can match them with the tracksuit pants you have worn for 3 days straight and no one will know!

Try these: 



Iris Burgundy 


Fox-Poppy Gold

Tip #3 - Reach for pieces that make you smile

Don't underestimate the power of fashion to help you feel good. For days when you are feeling a little flat, throwing on a bright colour or a luxe comfy jumper that you wouldn't normally wear around the house can make all the difference. Finish that off with a pair of sneakers that aren't your Nikes and we promise you will feel a whole lot better.

Try these:

Fox-Poppy Coral 


 Eyes Terracotta 



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  • Love this advice and looking closely at Poppy Coral or Gold – they are gorgeous and just right for practical luxury!! Which one???? Thanks so much

    mandy on

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