Next up in our Designer Spotlight series is BALTARINI! As you may know we have started this series to give you more in-depth knowledge of our designers and the reasons why we love them. You can watch Nikki and Mikala talk this all through in the video below, but if reading is more your thing, scroll down and let's get into it!

Let's start with a little history...

Baltarini is a beautiful family-run company that began in Spain in 1989. Baltarini remains faithful to its traditional heritage crafting techniques but brings these to a new generation through updated and modern designs. All their shoes are made in Spain and this really forms part of their identity. 

Playing with colour, and texture, Baltarini is for the women who admire classic styles with a twist. Their brand is steeped in influences from art, heritage and a distinctive Mediterranean aesthetic.

Now onto our Top 5 reasons why we love Baltarini ...

  1. Craftsmanship

    Baltarini's designs are expertly crafted using quality materials and are designed with comfort in mind. Utilising techniques, such as inserting cushioned insoles, Baltarini designs shoes with the women in mind who will wear them. Combine this with their over 45 years of expertise, they have developed such a high level of craftsmanship that will ensure the best quality of products.

  2. Quality  

    Flowing on from reason #1, the high quality of the materials used by Baltarini is a top reason why we love their shoes! When you slip on a pair of their shoes, you can feel the luxuriousness of the leathers, velvets or satins and can understand that they will be shoes that will stand the test of time.  

  3. Use of colour and texture

    We love that Baltarini shoes draw on their Spanish heritage and use that to be inspired by the colours and textures found there. Shoes are one of the easiest ways to add a bit of colour or interest to an outfit and we love the feeling of happiness you get when you strut out wearing a colourful pair of shoes! Unique colours and textures is what we are all about at The Nowhere Nation, so you can stand out from the crowd and Baltarini certainly helps you do that.

  4. Collaboration

    Many of the styles you see from Baltarini are in fact collaborations we have worked on with their team. They allow us to pick certain colours, fabrics, leathers or components of the shoes to ultimately come up with something that has our own twist on it. Sometimes we take a heel from one style and match it with the ankle strap from another and work with them to create something new - its always fun for us and we love that Baltarini allows us to collaborate in this way!

  5. Blending old with the new

    Through constant evolution, Baltarini connects the old with the new seamlessly. They draw on their Spanish heritage and craftsmanship to bring these features into modern pieces that are timeless and elegant. Think classic shaped styles with interesting, sculptural heels and fun unique fabric choices that give that classic shape a new little twist!


Explore the full BALTARINI collection here


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