Behind the Scenes: The Makings of Our New Boutique

Behind the Scenes: The Makings of Our New Boutique

Reflecting back on the last two months which have been such a whirlwind, on  moving into our new space (which we are loving), I thought it would be a great time to show you a little bit of the work that went into getting the boutique ready. 

We were able to do most of the work ourselves (shoutout to the best family in the world - thank you), so that meant many long nights uncovering the stairs, prepping the floors and walls for paint and everyone listening to me go back and forward about design details. 

Designing the custom shelving was definitely a new endeavour for me because you can't just return custom shelving if you don't like it, you know! I was pretty anxious to see how they would turn out because we made most of the decisions for materials on the spot. I usually like to overthink everything so I was so thankful that my talented friend Dane, was able interpret my sketches and descriptions exactly as I had them in my mind and build these shelves that are perfect.

Moving into this large space was equal parts exciting and terrifying. Going from such a small intimate space in our original boutique to this huge open, dual level spot had me really worried about whether we could create the same feel for our clients. As soon as we had the space ready though, all of those worries fell away. "Who wouldn't feel happy with a pink floor?!" I thought. The space felt fresh and inviting and  I felt this renewed sense of energy. I was so ready to open the doors and share the huge achievement with all of our supporters (and all the new ones too!)

Now it's been two months since we made this new spot our permanent home and we seriously could not be happier. We have the space to showcase all our beautiful shoes and room for you to browse through the collection at your own speed!

Hopefully you have been able to pop in and visit and see the space for yourself - if you haven't yet, we would love to see you! 

Nikki xo

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