Carmen Salas




Carmen Salas was founded in 1986. A young Spanish girl working in the fashion industry in New York City and travelling to fashion capitals such as Paris, London and Milan, Carmen Salas used her broad industry knowledge to build her own brand that stood for 3 important aspects - Attitude, Strength and Passion.

I feel like the Nowhere Nation's values aligned well with her philosophy and when I first met the brand at fair in Milan run by Carlos and Cristina, Carmen's children and Ana, her niece, it was clear that the philosophy was being carried on through the generations. Not only did I love the family heritage but their ease and willingness to help me create a collection of styles that had my personal touch was exciting. 

Also knowing that their shoes are 100% made in Elche & Elda, on the Spanish Mediterranean coast was a huge part of my choice for bringing these shoes to you. 

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed choosing them!


Nikki Holloway -  Founder