Billi Bi

Beginning as FRANSI A/S which was founded in the 1930's by Søren And Evelyn Friis, this production company started off with children shoes but quickly moved to women's whichvery soon after became their primary business and has continued to today with Billi Bi as the main brand.

With strong core values of quality and craftsmanship the Friis family was dedicated to creating shoes that embodied this. From their early work with with non-traditional materials such as fish skin, to their son's stint in Italy learning from the best in the shoe business, the brand has a strong and proud family heritage. 

Over time, Billi Bi has become the signature brand of the Fransi company, bringing a youthful, edgy vibe. With the core values still held in very high regard, today all shoes are produced in Europe, using Italian leathers mainly by Spanish shoemakers in factories that have been producing Billi Bi shoes for 25 years.

This brand with its commitment to quality and its strong family heritage is a perfect addition to The Nowhere Nation tribe. Not only do they look fabulous but boy they are comfy too!



Nikki Holloway -  Founder